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Getting Your House in Order Recap Thumbnail

Getting Your House in Order Recap

On April 3rd, 2023, financial advisor Carrie Sigler hosted her informative webinar, "Getting Your House in Order," empowering clients to achieve greater peace of mind by organizing their finances and household affairs. In this insightful presentation, Carrie shared her easy-to-implement filing system, along with invaluable tips gleaned from years of experience with Horizon Financial clients. If you missed the live event or need a refresher, don't worry – we've got you covered! Access the webinar replay and slide deck right here to get begin getting your house in order today.

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Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Common Scams Thumbnail

Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Common Scams

A recent study found that 1-in-10 US adults fall victim to a scam or a fraud every year, and 1-in-5 of those adults are aged 65 or older. This blog post will outline some of the more common tactics utilized by scammers today, and give brief explanations of each so you can be aware of them. Later you will find tips that we feel can help either prevent a scheme taking place or help if you ever find yourself in a scenario like the ones being described.

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