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Horizon Advisory Services, Inc.

Form ADV & CRS Summary

In accordance with securities industry regulations, Horizon Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm, is required to offer copies of our Firm’s Disclosure Document, known as its Form ADV, at no charge.  This form outlines the services Horizon Advisory Services, Inc. provides to our advisory service clients, along with information about how those services are provided and the qualifications of our advisors.  To view a copy of the most recent Horizon Advisory Services, Inc. Form ADV and CRS Summary, please click the button below:

Form CRS and ADV Part 2

Horizon Advisory Services, Inc.

Privacy Policy

Upon engaging the advisory services of our Firm, each new client is provided with a copy of the Firm’s Privacy Policy, which outlines the seriousness with which we regard the safeguarding of their personal confidential information which has been entrusted to us.  Subsequently, each client of Horizon Advisory Services, Inc. will be provided with an updated copy of our Privacy Policy should changes be made to our Policy, or more frequently at the discretion of the Firm. To view our current Privacy Policy, please click the button below: