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Getting Your House in Order Recap Thumbnail

Getting Your House in Order Recap

Carrie Sigler, Advisor

Time and time again, I see spouses and loved ones who aren’t prepared to handle the financial affairs of their household when it becomes necessary due to the illness or death of the individual who normally has it covered.  I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated for the individuals in these situations because I know in most cases, some steps could have been taken to better prepare for this sudden life event.  I actually touched on this topic in this blog post  in June 2022.  So, when asked to present these steps in an updated and expanded version of my original 2010 Getting Your House in Order presentation, I welcomed the opportunity with open arms.   This latest presentation was given to Horizon Financial clients via webinar on April 3rd, 2023 .

For those of you who missed the latest presentation, you can find a link to the recorded version below:

In this updated presentation I went over an easy filing system, that I’ve called a “Lifebox.” This system can help anyone get their important documents organized in one simple waterproof/fireproof safe.  I also shared several useful tips that I, and others at Horizon Financial, have learned from clients and their situations over the years.  Lastly, although sometimes awkward, I encourage discussions over finances to be had with loved ones and explain the importance of these conversations.  

I urge everyone to consider how you might be able to get your own houses in order.  As I mentioned in my presentation, I would love to hear from anyone who decides to create a “Lifebox.” I’d also like to hear any suggestions you have that might be worth sharing with clients in the future, so please feel free to email clientservices@horizonfinancial.net.  

For those of you looking for printouts of the presentation slides, please click on the link below:

Getting Your House in Order Slides (April 3rd 2023)