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Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Common Scams Thumbnail

Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Common Scams

A recent study found that 1-in-10 US adults fall victim to a scam or a fraud every year, and 1-in-5 of those adults are aged 65 or older. This blog post will outline some of the more common tactics utilized by scammers today, and give brief explanations of each so you can be aware of them. Later you will find tips that we feel can help either prevent a scheme taking place or help if you ever find yourself in a scenario like the ones being described.

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The Great Market Reset Thumbnail

The Great Market Reset

Equity markets have been in turmoil recently. In this article, Founder Mark Congdon explains the relationship between P/E ratios, stock prices, and interest rates and why corporate earnings will likely be the key to determining what happens next for the markets.

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Understanding Inflation Thumbnail

Understanding Inflation

You can't avoid hearing about inflation these days, but what is causing it? In this article, Chief Investment Officer Ken Blazick explains what inflation is, why it is happening, and what our investment team is continuously monitoring.

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